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background mobile picture for librarius marketplace application. Books


Librarius is a modern library in your smartphone with the ability to rent and more

Librarius book marketplace app developed for web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile pic
background mobile picture for wishew application.


The world’s #1 social network designed to grant any wish is coming. For free. For more

Wishew social app of wishes developed for Web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile picture
background mobile image for nanohabits application.


Nanohabits App is for ambitious individuals who want to live harmoniously, yet putread more

Nanohabits lifestyle app developed for iOS and Android platforms. mobile picture
background mobile picture for Meditation School application. mountain view

Meditation school

Ready to transform your meditation experience? Discover a new app that more

Meditation School app developed for iOS platform. mobile pic
background mobile picture for Skill App - Learn Coding application.

Skill app

Skill app makes code learning easy. Our powerful Integrated Development more

Skill App - Learn Coding app from education category developed for iOS platform. mobile picture
background mobile picture for Stupid Raisins application. Clap board

Stupid raisins

Stupid Raisins is a plugin resource. If you use FCPX to create your videos you' more

Stupid Raisins ecommerce app developed for MacOS platform. mobile picture
background mobile picture for Chatsumer Marketplace application for small retailers


The app that gives you access to high street stores, products, and more

Chatsumer marketplace app developed for web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile pic
background mobile picture for Ecorial social application. Leaves


Ecorial® is the first and only global community focused on honoring and more

Ecorial social app developed for web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile pic
background mobile picture for foodfuels nutrition health and wellness application. Food


FoodFuels is all about changing the game and rewriting everything you more

Foodfuels nutrition health and wellness app developed for web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile pic
background mobile image for Youmari web application


YouMari - is the only self-treatment, clinical quality system in the more

Youmari healthcare app developed for Web Platform. mobile picture

Video Testimonials

Watch video testimonial of Frank Peters about You are launched - lean startup developer

Frank Peters

Co-Founder, Celebrity NDA LLC

Watch video testimonial of Olena Mytruk about You are launched - lean startup developer

Olena Mytruk

Founder, Breverie LLC

Watch video testimonial of Emma Koster about You are launched - lean startup developer

Emma Koster

Founder, Mama Talk

Watch video testimonial of David Dotson about You are launched - lean startup developer

David Dotson

Co-founder, FireFly Dates LLC

Watch video testimonial of Dylan Higginbotham about You are launched - lean startup developer

Dylan Higginbotham

Founder, Stupid Raisins LLC

Watch video testimonial of Gabriel Gichuhi about You are launched - lean startup developer

Gabriel Gichuhi

Founder & CEO of Kanvo

Text Reviews

Sean Cornelius

FoodFuels LLC


They're the fourth development company we've worked with, and THEY'RE WORLDS BETTER than anything we've used before. They go above and beyond what you ask of them. They make good recommendations, and we're very HAPPY WITH THE COLLABORATION. It is fantastic.

Tom Ray



THEIR SPEED IS INCREDIBLE. I've worked with onshore companies that charge 1000 times more and move 1000 times slower. They make us feel like their sole focus. They are INCREDIBLE PATIENT, always justifying their opinions with the estimated UX impact; they respectfully challenge us when they don't agree and provide alternatives to keep up momentum.

Brent Kruel

BioFunctional Health Solutions, Inc


They provided quality work on top of being FASTER and MORE COST-EFFICIENT than their competitors. You are launched were referred by a software developer we work with. We liked that they took our business and technical requirements to provide a detailed proposal which included cost and timelines.

Mark Brewer

Elements Urns, LLC


Their COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVITY have both been EXCELLENT. We had calls with a number of vendors and thought their team communicated the best. They had the best ideas and an impressive portfolio. In the end, we selected them over the 12 other groups.

Yuri Gurfinkel

Zippit Intelligent Locking Systems


You are launched is knowledgeable and as a result, their TEAM DOES GREAT WORK. We received offers from a few different companies but liked You are Launched's offer the best. Their team was professional and demonstrated great knowledge of app development. We felt confident in working with them.

David Whalen

Toolsy LLC


You are launched takes care of everything. They've taken care of this entire project, from A–Z. It's very nice to work with someone that thinks about your budget and not theirs. This is the first app I've built, so I wasn't sure what the process would look like. They HELPED ME BUDGET AND BUILD THE MVP. They provided recommendations on different things I should or shouldn't do based on cost.

Adam Falat

Therapeutic Care Company


You are launched really understood the needs and constraints we had as a startup. We were impressed by HOW QUICKLY THEY DEVELOP OUR APP, including setting up metrics for it. They really seemed to get what we were trying to accomplish and had good suggestions along the way.

Darryl Heslop

FLY Concierge LLC


They helped me develop something BETTER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL than what I originally envisioned. I have a PARTNERSHIP with them that I couldn’t find anywhere else. They didn’t just say yes to my ideas and collect a paycheck; they provided critical feedback because they wanted to see the PRODUCT SUCCEED. I would recommend them to anyone with 100% certainty that they would be satisfied with the outcome.

Olena Mytruk

Breverie LLC


You are launched continues to IMPRESS THE CLIENT WITH THEIR QUICK TURNAROUND TIME. An agile partner, the team works in sprints to implement the necessary functionalities in time for the product's launch. Their industry expertise allows them to provide valuable suggestions to further improve the app.

Guillaume Lawlor LLC


I’ve been most impressed by their SPEED OF DELIVERY. I approached the engagement with solid expectations surrounding the look and feel of the app, and they’ve continued to deliver upon them. The team has been EXCEPTIONALLY RESPONSIVE to my requests for adjustments and changes. When we discovered that the components that I’d initially envisioned weren’t technically feasible, they PROVIDED SOME STRONG ALTERNATIVES.

The Lean Startup

We are The Lean Startup Evangelists. If you are still in the Idea Stage, no matter what scope
of features and platform you want to have for your startup. “Learn - Launch - Test”
is the only right way to have a Custom MVP app developed for your startup!

As a rule, the majority of startups are reaching development firms to have their app developed. Despite the proper stack of technical specialists, Agile methodology is not the best solution for any startup. Each startup needs to save every penny. And that’s why the Lean Startup methodology is the best solution here.
In this way, you would be able to achieve the best possible result. If you are not sure what steps would work the best for you, there are several options to move forward:

  1. Develop an app with an ordinary Body-shop based on your available budget and see what happens.
  2. Ask launchers to sort out your core value, launch the digital product, start getting first users, and profit.

That’s what we are the most powerful in. And for this purpose, we are using The Lean Startup methodology.

Have a startup idea
to launch?

Don't wait for a sign from above, get in touch with us and together we will launch your projects to the stars!

Our Top Rated Awards

Our custom MVP development service gets world recognition. That's why a leading ratings and review platform ranks You are launched among the top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients' digital transformation.

  • Top Swoftwate Development 2022
  • Top B2B Ukraine 2022
  • Most Reviewed Ukraine IT Service
  • Top Design Firms
  • GoodFirms
  • AppFutura
  • Clutch
  • Top Developers
  • G2
  • Agency Spotter
  • Techreviewer
  • DesignRush

How much does it cost?

We know what does it mean to be an entrepreneur. We are in contact with Y-Combinator, Decelera, and R3 accelerators and Investors. That's why we have a deep understanding of startup costs. Here you can find all the calculators your startup might ever need. Feel free to check any you need. p.s. we don’t need your email to share the value!

More about Custom App Developers?

Custom MVP app developers are pleased to share everything that happens with Startups, our team, our work, feedback, and more. Here you can find info that starts from the 2016th :)

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Custom App Development Expertise

Custom app development team is far from next-door 'body shops'. We know how to convert visitors into users. We know what to do with A/B testing after launch. You are launched understands what to do with custom MVP app development and how to downgrade the failure rate from 99.7% down to 42%. Originally, it is possible mainly because of The Lean Startup approach used by our team. We are providing services for each stage:

  1. Step


    Idea Stage

    Everything starts with a startup idea. Slicing it on tasks with stages is one of the most important. Apple, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Facebook started with this. You would need a custom MVP app developed and your idea will come true.

  2. Step


    Prototyping & UI/UX design

    You would need a design to validate your startup Idea. Sure, you can try to go as Craigslist, but there are plenty of competitors already on the market, and it is hard to use the Blue Ocean Strategy. So, let’s proceed with User-Driven features and content before proceeding to custom MVP app development.

  3. Step


    MVP App Development

    Congrats, you have the assumption that your Startup idea is valid. Now, we need to test this on real users before getting into generating profit. For this, we would need to work on a custom MVP app development. As a rule, the shortest time slot needed to get your startup’s MVP is three months. Once this is done, we can get users on board and dig into A/B, but this is a completely different story.

  4. Step


    Scaling Stage

    Can a Startup generate a lot of profit without a high-quality app? - probably not. Will you have more chances with great design and smooth animation in the app? - definitely yes. That’s why we provide custom iOS app development, custom Android app development, and custom Web app development services.

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Got a startup idea on
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We are pleased to answer any startup-related questions. You are launched team will help you with idea validation, UI/UX design services, custom MVP app development, and beyond.

Sharing Knowledge

We adore sharing startup-related knowledge. Our team gathers startup success stories from Accelerators & VCs, fail stories, and a list of great tactics found. All of these power up our Custom App Development Services a lot. You can check this in

We are pleased to share startup tips and tricks that are related to the startup launch process, resources for startups, and sure, some Startup Success Stories in it. You would be able to find a list of answers there, such as: