Our awesome cases

Here we would like to show our partners we are working. Majority of them pass through Idea Validation, Prototyping, Custom MVP App Development, and up to Scaling. Check them below

  • FoodFuels

    FoodFuels is all about changing the game and rewriting everything you thought about healthy eating, meal plans, and live support. Our program focuses on eating real food from every food group.

    The system is all about:

    • Real coaches;
    • 24/7 support;
    • Personalized Meal Plan;
    • Simple & home made recipes.

    We path through the UI/UX Design Stage, Custom MVP app Development and now it is in Scaling Stage with FoodFuels.

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  • Ecorial

    Ecorial® is the first and only global community focused on honoring and memorializing our loved ones when their ashes are scattered, placed, or buried in nature. Ecorial® makes it simple and easy for family and friends to permanently record the time, date, and GPS coordinates of any final resting place outdoors, whether it’s in the mountains, a forest, an ocean, a yard…anywhere.

    We path with Ecorial through the UI/UX Design Stage, Custom MVP app Development and now it is in Scaling Stage.

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  • YogiBirth

    Created by midwife and pregnancy yoga teacher - Laura Myers - YogiBirth combines pregnancy yoga, meditation and childbirth education into a ‘stretch-&-learn’ pregnancy yoga program.

    Classes are tailored to your trimester and designed to support your mental, physical and emotional well-being throughout pregnancy.

    We helped YogiBirth Startup with the UI/UX Design Stage, Custom MVP app Development and get Featured on AppStore.

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  • Arkuri - secured suitcases with bluetooth low energy control. you are launched project


    ARKURI marks the beginning of a new era in transport safety. An innovative locking mechanism, sophisticated software, the latest communication technology, state-of-the-art materials and revolutionary design - resulting in a product that meets the highest security standards and gives you total peace of mind.

    We helped Arkuri with Custom IoT app development. Now, it is on Manufacture stage.

  • Toolsy - heavy machinery renting app. portfolio urlaunched. marketplace project


    Toolsy is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can rent any tools and equipment you need whenever you need it.

    Connecting equipment owners and construction's entrepreneurs, Toolsy is the fastest-growing Tool and equipment-renting app in North America.

    We helped Toolsy with Custom marketplace app development for iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, negotiation with enterprise businesses takes more time, that's why the app stays in Beta Stage.

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  • Librarius - Ukrainian digital e-books and audio books. You are launched project


    The Librarius is a modern library in your smartphone with the ability to rent and buy books, as well as read thousands for free. Online and offline!

    Novels and non-fiction bestsellers, world classics and children's books and motivational literature - all in one mobile application. Use the digital library, which is always at hand.

    We've started our cooperation with the UI/UX design of the Librarius app. Later on, moved to Custom MVP App development, and now, we are working on Scaling the system.

  • fly concierge chatbot app. text navigation through the new york city

    FLY Concierge

    A simple guide to a complex city.
    Find the coolest restaurants, bars and attractions with one touch.
    FLY Concierge makes tourists feel like locals and locals feel like insiders.

    We helped FLY Concierge Startup with the UI/UX Design Stage and Custom MVP app Development of the iOS app. Now, the owner is in the negotiation stage with businesses.

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  • Careviz healthcare project. urlaunched healthcare project


    Careviz is a free app that regroups the resources needed during and after treatment. It connects patients with loved ones and the wider patient community, provides a way to keep track of symptoms over time, and offers the possibility to purchase well-being products that have been helpful to other patients.

    The Careviz app can help transform the way we relate to people living with cancer.

    We helped the Careviz app with Custom MVP App Development and synched with the CRM systems of some hospitals.

  • ctrl.money financial budgeting app

    CTRL Money

    We are on a mission to make personal finance accessible to everyone.

    ctrl.money is a fully automated tool to sort out all your expenses in one place.

    See all of your accounts, incomes, bills, subscriptions, projects and payments... in one place.

    We helped ctrl.money startup with a Custom MVP App Development and synched the system with Open Bank API and Machine Learning Modules. Now, we are on the closed Alpha Stage.

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  • Celebrity NDA - legal and docs apps

    Celebrity NDA

    Celebrity NDA™ is the future of privacy on your phone!

    Our technology allows users to populate a Non-Disclosure Agreement fully legal in all 50 states with electronic signatures. Our NDAs include a confidentiality agreement as well as an ADR clause to keep you secure at all times.

    We helped CNDA Startup with UI/UX Design and Custom iOS app development. Later, we moved to one more app: CNDA Event.

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  • breverie self development app. you are launched project


    Breverie is all about you and your journey. It is on a mission to empower girls and women around the world to achieve their dreams. It can help uncover this magic power and to equip you with the tools you need to succeed on your journey.

    You have your starting point and your definition of happiness. You will face your challenges along the way.

    We've helped Breverie with Custom MVP app development for Lifestyle Startups and now get to the A/B testing stage.

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  • you are launched work. skill app - education app. learn coding app

    Skill App

    Skill app makes code learning easy. Our powerful Integrated Development and Learning Environment ( IDLE ) lets you learn - by - doing and get feedback on key concepts immediately.

    Get started with coding fundamentals and problem-solving today.

    We helped Skill app Startup with UI/UX design and Custom MVP app development. Now, we are populating Data Base with lessons, and "teaching" our IDLE system.

  • wayme - city audio guide. urlaunched project. travel app


    Wayme is based on Augmented Audio Reality — technology that makes you feel like someone is guiding you through the city while sharing their personal stories along the way. A wayme walk is full of sound effects, ambient, jokes, and personal stories that immerse you deep in the story and make you feel like an old friend is taking you on a personal tour.

    Wayme Startup got from us UI/UX Design, Custom iOS app development and Custom Android app development services. Now, it is in the A/B testing Stage.

  • chatsumer. small business marketplace app in UK. urlaunched portfolio app


    The app gives you access to high-street stores, products, and promotions with just a few clicks.

    Chatsumer is an easy-to-use instant messaging app that connects you with local retailers and lets you talk directly to them, one-on-one.

    It’s the quickest, easiest way to shop on the high street.

    We helped Chatsumer startup with UI/UX design, Custom MVP app development for marketplaces and are fully in the A/B testing stage now.

  • walkyfit. you are launched project. crypto fitness app

    Walky Fit

    TRACK ACTIVITY: Accurately record your steps and distance when you carry your phone. For all-day tracking of stats.

    STAY MOTIVATED: Get a nudge in the right direction with notifications when you’re reaching a goal or have already met one.

    FRIEND LOCATOR: The app enables GPS location tracking between all the community users in a private network. Easily contact an endless number of friends or family members and start tracking.

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  • VPN Zone

    In the world of hundreds VPN apps, we developed the greatest VPN so far that provides with:

    1. No registration or configuration required.
    2. Access to 70 + locations worldwide;
    3. 400 + high-speed VPN servers;
    4. AES-256 Encryption Protocol;
    5. Zero logs policy;
    6. Unlimited traffic;
    7. 24/7 customer support provided.

    We helped VPN Zone with the Development of the iOS App Development and added a list of animations to it.

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  • YouMari - portfolio app. financial app. urlaunched


    Sahmik is the go-to app for financial information!

    Finally, a modern, user friendly mobile app that allows you to follow your investments with a centralized in-depth metrics and insights. We take pride in our data accuracy; we provide corporate actions, and financial data directly from their source, instead of unreliable third-party providers.

    Our industry news feed ensures that you stay current with the latest articles, corporate updates, and personalized price alerts.

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  • portfolio urlaunched. youmari healthcare project


    YouMari - is the ONLY self-treatment, clinical quality system in the world developed based on the industry's most effective provider-applied care models.

    Get your personal treatment program!

    Use the 3D model in our Symptom Checker to mark the problem areas. Answer the questions from virtual assistant YouMari and get your personal treatment program

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These are not the all launched startups. Feel free to get in touch to get more details and works that could be relevant to your project. Our team is at your service to receive your own startup values.