Scaling Stage

We are suggesting this stage only if you already have Custom MVP App. This stage goes only when you found the niche and the audience. Once you are here, you need to concentrate on the next KPIs:

Customer KPI’s

While working on its Custom MVP app, every startup would have its KPI metrics. Below, you can find some that you would need to take into account on the customer’s side to get to the scaling stage.

  • person symbol. human icon

    Cost (CAC)

    The most important KPI for any startup that has its Custom MVP app developed consists of:

    • Blended CAC;
    • Paid CAC.

    With these 2 variables, you would be able to see the pricing of attractingcustomers to your Custom MVP app while scaling.

  • MAU. calendar icon

    Monthly Active
    Users (MAU)

    The increase of MAU can be:

    • Product Update;
    • Re-activation of email Marketing or Push Notifications;
    • New Marketing Campaign.

    Keep your strategy fresh and mix all that to make your MAU grow on a monthly basis.

  • money bag icon

    Value (LTV)

    Sort out the money each customer can spend during their lifetime in your Custom mobile app. We will take into account both: Historical LTV and Predictive LTV to see where we need to move with your Custom MVP app

  • growing table bar chart

    Rate (CCR)

    It is as simple as snow. That’s your time frame to attract new users to your Custom MVP app. Our main aim here is to increase the Customer Churn Rate in your Custom Mobile app.

Revenue KPI’s

Nearly like in any business, Revenue KPIs are the main topic for Investors. Here are the main points you would need to target in your Custom MVP app to make your investors happy.

  • ARPU. grey coin usd

    Average Revenue
    per User (ARPU & ARPPU)

    The ARPU in your Custom MVP app will dictate your growth strategy in many ways. For example, with low ARPU, you won’t be able to scale, and it is better to target on re-working your customer persona.
    Your ARPU will dictate your growth strategy in many ways.

  • graph


    The main point in Revenue Churn Rate is to segment numbers based on reasons. In this case, it would be much easier to deal with the Product-Market Fit of your Custom MVP app.

  • growth. rocket.


    The success of your startup is here. Simply, compare the numbers in your Custom MVP app for the previous month with the current one.

  • MRR. graph with time

    Monthly Recurring
    Revenue (MRR)

    This is another variable your investors will be checking monthly in your startup. These numbers would allow you to detect your actions and their impact. And sure, the growth of these numbers is the aim of any Custom MVP app.

Our awesome cases

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Nanohabits App is for ambitious individuals who want to live harmoniously, yet putread more

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Meditation school

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Ecorial® is the first and only global community focused on honoring and more

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FoodFuels is all about changing the game and rewriting everything you more

Foodfuels nutrition health and wellness app developed for web, iOS, and Android platforms. mobile pic
background mobile image for Youmari web application


YouMari - is the only self-treatment, clinical quality system in the more

Youmari healthcare app developed for Web Platform. mobile picture

As a rule, the scaling stage includes

arrow like a rocket. arrow flies. scaling stage
  1. Extra Features;
    The best option to sort out features you need to have in is user-driven choices. This could be a/b testing, voting-based features, and so on.
  2. Extra Platforms;
    As a rule, successful startups are launching a single platform for the Custom MVP Stage. Once the Custom MVP App is developed, validated, and tested startups are deciding to scale on other platforms. That could be an alternative mobile or web platform, SmartWatches, SmartTV, adding IoT, etc.
  3. Extra Markets;
    Here we can have a wide range of options. The great sample here could be Uber. Once they got success in their market with their own Custom MVP mobile app, they moved to other markets with Uber Eats, Uber Freight & Uber Delivery.

The main point with any approach is to remember about analytics. You need to know your user better than they are. Sure, the majority of your analytics needs to be hidden to keep users using your app. But that’s life if you are after success.

  • As a rule, the Scaling Stage takes less than Custom MVP App Development in terms of development timeframe, as you already have UI/UX Design, Server Side, API layer, and Admin Panel ready. So, everything that you need is to replicate the features.

    But this stage also requires sorting our analytics in more detail. Add new Events to the app, add more A/B testing stages, and so on.

    Read more
  • There are a couple of options for how you can move with scaling of your Custom MVP app to the Android platform:

    • copy the design of the iOS app;
    • redo design based on Android guidelines.

    Originally, the majority of apps are not splitting the design based on platform guidelines. As a rule, you would have just Mobile Design, Web Design, & Web Responsive Design of your product.

    Read more
  • Any platform should have analytics and that's true. Based on market tendencies, Web apps becoming less and less popular. Based on this all websites started moving to Progressive Web Apps.
    Nevertheless, even if a web platform is 10% of your targeting audience in terms of scaling it is worth the work.

    P.S. Analytics is more powerful on web - Nearly everthing is possible there 😈

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